• My wife and I were treated like gold throughout the entire process working with the team for our home loan. Even after I closed I was skeptical that if I had a question about our loan that we wouldn’t be helped as quickly. I was wrong; they replied to my questions and were very helpful along the way and even after closing.

    Dr. Tyler Hicks, DMD, Dental Resident, VA Hospital
  • If anyone out there paid as much attention to a loan as this group, more people would be able to get the funding needed to close on a home. I appreciate the detail and time that was spent in getting us closed. Thank you so much.

    Dr. Craig Taylor, DDS, and Allison Taylor – Henderson, Nevada
  • We lived clear across the United States from where we were building our home and the team made the entire thing hassle free doing everything via email. This was our first home purchase and they were able to keep our minds at ease and answer all of our questions.

    Jason Pursley Parker and Dr. Ryon Parker – Southern Nevada Internal Medicine
  • We had a great experience buying our home with David Nelson and team. Emails were answered promptly and everything went very smoothly. The final cost came in under the estimate as well, which was a nice surprise. I would recommend them to others.

    Danielle and Dr. Mark Rowan, Pediatrician – Alpine Pediatrics
  • The day of the loan, he called us and told us we could actually lower the interest rate that day if we wanted to wait a few days, which I don’t think many lenders would ever do. So it was a great experience, I’d recommend him to anybody.

    Dr. Tricia and Derek Twelves – Riverton, Utah
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    Jan Miller on what to look for when deciding to enter IBR or Repay

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    When Is It A Good Time To Rent? Definitely NOT NOW!

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    The real ROI and tax advantages of real estate

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    Location matters when residents want to sell to other residents

    John Ramey: One of the things I always try to tell medical students and residents is you really, like you said earlier, you need to know the neighborhoods that residents live in because if you pick a neighborhood that residents like to live in, then the likelihood you’ll be able to sell to a resident increases a lot. Also a lot of times the values of those neighborhoods go up more too, so. We pick good neighborhoods that people like … Read more

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    Dr John Ramey, DrMoves.com on Physician Financial Success podcast

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